Sean Ritchel is a professional youth speaker, rapper, and high school teacher with a message as simple as it is important:

outdo you  

Look in the mirror. Love it. Now go above it.

Watch Sean's interactive TED Talk on education reform! 

Are you looking for a fun speaker who's unique, experienced, and passionate about helping young people? Sean is a one-of-a-kind performer who has spoken with thousands of middle school and high school students, from freshmen orientations to high school graduations. Using a captivating combination of rapping, storytelling, comedy, and sincerity Sean will connect with and engage your students, inspiring them to foster the relationship they have with themselves...outdo you! Meet Sean! 

Sean’s unique blend of music message and moral integrity is something every kid in America needs to experience.
— Bob Tryanski, Speaker, Storyteller, Social Entrepreneur

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